Mount Sinai Heart is a leader in this emerging treatment, and we were one of the first hospitals in the New York metropolitan area to offer Mitraclip Rx. Abbott ltd makes Mitraclip device. It is a FDA approved product. Its recommended for patients who are having moderate to severe mitral regurgitation who are having persistent symptoms in spite of maximal medical therapy (with prohibitive risk for open heart surgery , if MR is due to primary valve problem)

You will be treated by an experienced multidisciplinary team that includes interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, an echocardiographer, anesthesia, intensivists, nurse practitioners, clinical nurses, research coordinators, and other support staff.

Delivery of the Mitraclip Device

We use  special x-ray photo called fluoroscopy and ultrasonogram to clip your mitral valve. The team will take pictures  using ultrasound to ensure the valve is properly positioned and functioning


Five steps:

Step 1: Accessing your right side Heart through your leg vein


 Step 2: Accessing left atrium


 Clipping of leaking mitral valve using Mitracli

Step :4 Grasping of leaking leaflets

Step 5:

Post Clip position