Happy to share that we recently did a ViV TF-TAVR ( Valve in valve trans femoral Transcatheter aortic valve replacement ) in a patient with small bio-prosthesis ( 21mm Valve). Pt also has a critical Ostial RCA disease with Virtual valve to Coronary distance being 3mm. Pt had a successful ViVTAVR using a MyVal followed by BVF/BVR ( bio-prosthetic valve fracture or remodeling) resulting in an acceptable mean gradient (9 mmHg at the end of procedure) and PCI to ostial RCA with a DES. Pt was discharged a couple of days later.
On behalf of Structural heart valve team @ SRIHER.

Percutaneous Aortic valve

It’s Percutaneous Aortic valve replacement in a patient who had prior surgical AVR. Issues where small prior AV with severe restenosis, simultaneous critical right coronary artery disease which were handled by different techniques.

Severe Aortic Stenosis

Severe aortic stenosis with ITP with low platelet count and was decline open heart surgery elsewhere,t was bicuspid with sig Ca. So little difficulty but went well.

MIDAS strategy

Pt s a elderly physician with severe AS where a self expanding tavr valve was deployed, It leads to high deployment ( MIDAS strategy- Minimizing implantation depth according to membranous septum length) and hence low pacemaker rate this Procedure went well.