Rotablation (Rotational atherectomy) is a complex procedure , and one of the most challenging techniques in coronary interventions. It is used in patients with heavy calcification in coronary arteries (hardened arteries). It has an olive shaped device with diamond spicules on top of it. This device will rotate at high speeds inside the coronary artery leading to modification of the calcified plaque ( diseased portion with calcium). This strategy will help us to deliver stents and make their expansion to the maximum with ease resulting in improvement in better lumen gain that in turn provides more blood flow to the heart muscle to function well. With technical skills and expertise, Dr. Boopathy, who has mastered such procedures, is able to help our patients effectively. In addition to treat our own patients, our doctor does proctoring ( sharing knowledge and skills) with other doctors across Tamil Nadu and India so that such an advanced technology can be used for appropriate patients.