Review by a patient

Sir, seriously you are so soo soooooooooo awesome ….

You are best doctor I could ever wish for my mom.

Been to miot, to Vijaya , to Apollo but never seen Doctor like you who cares so much for his patients.

Her previous doctor always listened her in hurry and they gave vibe, like they don’t really care much, just do the duty and wash it off. Despite multiple visits , doesn’t even mind to revise hydroxyurea.

You go above and beyond for your patients care and give emotional support which is very very rare. ( Huge respect sir). You even did dressing by urself and came on your leave days too. ( Who does that unless it’s ur family ?! )

Just in awe of seeing you as doctor . You pulled all strings that you could in your power and gave best for mom.

My bro felt confident on you, others wise he would have been here with mom every minute.

Feeling stroms been over and jumping in happiness knowing that my mom is safe , she doesn’t need surgery, she doesn’t have to go through cycle of pricks and pain again. What she has is manageable.

I am so grateful because I have seen my mom suffering last 5 months in pain( her symptoms) . We was in so much mental stress , uncertainty and now its all gone .

Sir, You are THE BEST doctor and wonderful person!!!!

Thank you for becoming doctor and doing what you do in many people lives like mine.